Events 2019

This page provides a snap shot of events that we have planned for our forthcoming session - make sure to add them to your diaries and pop along!



On Wednesday, 25 September 2019 starting at 6.00 p.m. it is our Annual Open Evening.  During the evening the girls will 'entertain' you followed by the presentation of their awards.  As it is also our 95th birthday this year I am setting a challenge to try and get a total of 95 people to attend!  So now is the time to spread the word and see if we can achieve this.  If you know anyone who used to be part of our company please encourage them to attend.  


During half-term we are holding a Pumpkin Heroes evening. This evening is an alternative to Hallowe'en with plenty of pumpkin related activities.  Watch this space for more details.

We are located at:

Trinity Methodist Church




The church is on the corner of Newland Avenue/Cottingham Road - the church with the dome! Access via the car park.

Contact us today!

For further details please contact:

GB Captain: Mrs Jane Kitson

+44 7816 635333 +44 7816 635333


Membership fees for all girls: £1.70

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